Mentor Hours is designed purely to optimise and accelerate your fundraise.

Innovation Knows No Gender

While we encourage women entrepreneurs through our full-time program, we do not discourage other entrepreneurs who reach out to us.

We love everybody who takes the risk to start up! If you couldn't make it to our accelerator program due to our selection criteria, Mentor Hours is for you! We help with angel funding and follow-on fundraises upto Series B.

Our 100 Days Engagement

Optimises Your Time

Fundraising is a full-time job. We know the time investment, persistence and grit it takes to raise capital. It can be really pressurising and at times, demotivating when we don't find the right fit for an investor.

At Rebalance we're connected with VCs/angels and networks that can save you the time of building relationships and offer warm investor interactions.

Helps You With Clarity

While Fundraising might be priority for you, keeping your strategic growth plan in place is equally important. What you do when you get the capital is key.

You can access 1:1 Mentor Hours to gain some clarity and perspective.

Makes You Investment Ready

First impressions are usually long lasting with investors who are crunched for time. You don't want to approach them with a shabby pitch deck or an incomplete business plan.

During this engagement, we help shape your pitch strategy and business plan.

If you're raising between your first cheque or series B, accelerate your next fundraise with us!