Diverse Investors League

A community of funders on a mission to create an accessible and inclusive ecosystem.

Why This Is Important

Any founder looking to raise funds is simply finding a partner who believes in his/her vision and sees opportunity in his/her idea. The whole fundraising process takes way too much time and unnecessarily creates pressure on founders. Bias in approach during fundraising Q&As adds on to the pressure and hurts female entrepreneurs’ confidence. The net result is that women play defence during the fundraising process rather than focusing on her vision and scale for her idea/solution.

For every additional prevention question asked, he or she raises $3.8 million less in aggregate funding.

Despite the disparity in funding:

63% female founded or co-founded businesses performed
better than all-male founded businesses. This makes diverse
teams a better bet for investment.

How Does It Work

The Diverse Investors League is an initiative to curate a community of funders who are looking to diversify their portfolio or have a track record of investing in diverse teams/women founders. The community will later deduce into an interactive platform where diverse teams can track conscious investors. We'll be happy to make introductions regardless of whether the founder is participating in our programs or not.

This helps us generate awareness about gender disparity in fundraising and encourage funders to participate in creating a more accessible ecosystem.

How We Help Our Partners

  • Discover and track high-potential women-led startups through our Accelerator and Mentor Hours program.
  • Early access to quality deal flow with an opportunity to mark their level of interest. This helps us create an environment where funders can build a deeper relationship with founders during the course of the program.
  • Access to Rebalance Pitch Week and Rebalance Hours