We shape & invest in pre-seed/seed companies with

  • A diverse team, with at least one female founder
  • Minimum viable traction (prototype, users, revenue, funding)
  • Tech-enabled/sector-agnostic scalable ideas

Rebalance companies have collectively raised $20M in pre-seed/seed.

We're sector agnostic and consciously evaluate mission-led companies that need perspective, clarity of vision or access to the right investors to scale their businesses to the next level. From pre-revenue companies to those that had achieved break-even or were raising Series A — we've hosted companies at varying stages in the past.

Applications for cohort 05 are open.

Rebalance Cohort 04 2022

Meet 15 founders from 7 companies across D2C, Biotech, Deeptech Healthcare, Beauty, and gaming.

Rebalance Cohort Inaugural Cohort 2019

Our first-ever cohort comprised of 17 founders building companies across edtech, teen mental & sexual health, petcare, ethical sanitation, voice-led commerce, social impact and D2C.

Our Approach

Strong Growth Focus

When you're an early stage startup, it's important to choose between 'focus vs experimenting'. We help founders build solid product/solution credibility by strengthening their market-product fit, market sizing, user understanding and aligning their growth strategy as part of our weekly sessions.

Relevant 1:1 Attention

We know one size doesn't fit all and time is limited because founders are multi-dimensionally occupied at all times. We host 1:1 hours with mentors and the team at Rebalance that allows founders to set their goals for the program and strengthen knowledge areas relevant to their companies.

Diverse Exposure

Exposure to different perspectives helps us become better leaders. The idea is to embrace the daily hustle and also allow the visionary in us, a chance to zoom out and change our lens once in a while. Being vulnerable and letting new perspectives in gives us the chance to stretch ourselves and find new strength in our vision even if it is uncomfortable.

Meaningful Relationships

Busting the boring networking dinners into Rebalance Hours where we invite mentors, seasoned founders, investors and other industry luminaries to help our founders make connections and learn from the experience of others.

Founder Wellness & Performance

Entrepreneurship is a game of endurance more than anything else. Men and women face different challenges along their entrepreneurial journey.

At Rebalance, we host experts who help women founders unload, break the habits that hold them back and prepare them for the next level in their journey.

Fundraising Momentum & Access

Setting expectations appropriately can mean the difference between success and failure. Early engagement, feedback and interaction between founders and our investment partners builds momentum before the pitch week.

We invest up to $150K through Rebalance Angel Community in selective companies and help all our founders with their entire fundraise through our network of funds/family offices.

What We Offer

Cloud Credits

Google & Amazon - based on your usage needs.

Business Support

Access to Amazon Activate Program

Marketing Support

Credits by WebEngage to help you acquire and retain users.

Knowledge Access

Sessions with our mentors and by Google, Amazon, WebEngage, etc.

Co-selling Opportunities

Access to global clientele through our partners.

Investor Access

Access to the Diverse Investors League - our funding partners.

Pitch Practice

Pitch practice with a panel of founders & investors to prep you for the big day.

Rebalance Hours

A town-hall setting with mentors/experts/investors to help you build deeper connections + networking.

Rebalance Pitch Week

A week of 1:1 pitching + optional mass pitch on the last day of the week.

Our Ecosystem Partners


Our Investment Partners