1. How can I apply?

2. What stage should my company be at, to be eligible?

We do not limit founders by funding stage.

For the accelerator program, we're open to early stage startups that have early market validation and a minimum viable product.

We have worked with companies across stealth up till pre-series A.

3. What's the format of the program?

This is a semi-virtual program that hosts 2 physical bootcamps in Gurgaon/Bangalore during the 15 week engagement. We work closely with each founder on every aspect of business, pitch strategy, vision clarity and investment readiness.

If you're an early-stage company with a woman co-founder, a beta version ready or a few users and want to grow from there to eventually raise investment - the accelerator program is best for you.

4. I don't have a woman as co-founder, how can Rebalance help me?

Our mission is to exponentially advance women in the startup ecosystem both as recipients and allocators of capital. To be able to join our accelerator program, you must meet the criteria.

However, Rebalance Angel Community operates independently and actively evaluates all deals that come through. Diversity is not just limited to women and so we do select only a few companies annually that we invest in, regardless of whether they have women founders. We invest upto $150K at pre-seed/seed through the network.

5. How will the Rebalance community help me scale my company?

6. How much funding will my company receive?

At present, we invest upto $150K through Rebalance Angels Community in selective companies and have 150+ investment partners who closely work with the founders during the program.

7. How does Rebalance fund their mission?

Rebalance takes minor equity upon joining the program since we work deeply to help founders scale and become investment ready.

We also charge a percentage on the funds raised through Rebalance's network if and when you choose to raise external capital. Since we take mandate for the entire raise, we usually see the raise through until it hits your bank account and advise our founders actively on what the best structure and terms should be for their stage of investment/sector they're operating in.

Additionally, Rebalance invests upto $150K in few select companies through Rebalance Angel Community. This model was co-created with founders, investors and mentors at Rebalance.

8. When you mention diversity in founders, are you open to LGBTQQ applicants?

Yes, of course.

9. How long are the sessions?

Each session is about 45-50 mins long followed by Q&A.

10. I have already raised early-stage funding. Can I still apply?

Yes, we're open to helping all founders looking scale. We focus on creating an environment where founders can create opportunities for growth and build life-long relationships with their peers, mentors, investors and the Rebalance team.

11. Do we need to write a business plan?

No, a pitch deck would do.

12. Will you accept multiple startups working on the same idea?

In cases, where we feel that execution is key to success - we will evaluate multiple startups with the same idea.

13. What are the exact dates of the next batch?

Cohort 07 is tentatively scheduled for March 2024, subject to change depending on external circumstances.

14. Can I apply more than once?

Yes! Persistence is key.

15. Do you provide feedback on applications that are not shortlisted?

No, we are unable to provide feedback on all applicants but we are happy to assist on a case-to-case basis.

16. Does the video in the application form need to be recorded with all team members? Is it compulsory to record one?

No, not necessarily. The founder can speak on behalf of the capabilities of all team members available. If the video is seeming time consuming, you can write an answer down too.