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Alumni Founders

Kajal Shah & Saurabh Markandeya

Founders, DreamFly Innovations

A pioneering battery tech startup —  is India’s first high-performance, non-flammable, 10x durable graphene-based battery solutions company.

Rimjhim Agrawal & Laina Emmanuel

Co-founders, Brainsight.AI

India's first and only deep tech healthcare startup that is decoding 'brain mapping' using AI and ML to enable early screening of mental health disorders.

Aishwarya Jaishankar & Ramanathan RV

Co-founders, Hyperface

India’s first modern transaction credit platform designed to simplify the launch of credit cards and pay later issuance at scale.

Divya Sriram & Sujoy Deb

Founders, Dnome

Making genomics based diagnostics accessible and affordable with the world's first room temperature LAMP (RT-PCR) technology.

Shruti Singh

Founder, Terra Bioware

Leveraging next-gen renewable energy technology on a mission to make climate positive microbial bioplastics affordable at scale.

Besta Prem Sai & Rajeshree Deotalu

Founders, Vecros

India's first autonomous, spatial AI Drone systems company.

Smriti Tomar

Founder, Stack

A personal finance app that helps millennials manage, grow & control their money in one place.

Niharika Goenka

Founder, Boombay

India’s healthiest D2C condiments brand that offers sauces, dips, and dressings made with zero additives, refined oils, sugars or preservatives.

Vaishnavi & Arthi

Founders, Unsweetened beauty

The skincare community uncomplicating skincare.

Mansi Kohli & Sonali Sahni

Founders, Tailz

India's first airbnb for pets.

Puneet Singh, Vatsala Sharma & Aneesha Jyoti

Co-founders, Language Curry

A language learning app that helps diverse humans build meaningful relationships.

Mugdha Hedaoo

Founder, GoPlay Cosmetics

A beauty tech company that is making hyper-personalised, reusable cosmetics accessible, on demand.

Disha Parekh


An industry-first platform designed to fastrack and simplify access to on demand HR services and professionals for MSMEs at lower costs.

Nida Sahar Rafee

Founder, Nife

Nife is building a global public edge cloud that enables a faster, more powerful internet experience for humans and enterprises.

Raj Jain & Shaivya Ramani

Founders, Tilt

A modern intimates brand that has developed India's first absorbent, antimicrobial (and patented) underwear for women.

Snigdha Manchanda

Founder, Tea Trunk

A global, premium tea brand from India crafting wellness teas for the new generation of health-conscious consumers.

Sachin Vyas & Shweta Vyas

Founders, Upside Health

A D2C brand disrupting all your cravings and indulgences with a nutritional upside on a mission to improve India's metabolic health.

Bhagyashree Jain Bhansali

Founder, The Disposal Company

India's first automated offsets platform on a mission to simplify climate action for people and businesses.

Sheena & Karan Khurana

Co-Founders, Zenma

India's first frozen coffee shot.

Madhavi Jadhav

Co-founder, Thatmate

An app that bridges the gap in the sexual and mental health of teens, worldwide.

Madhureeta Anand

Founder, Phree

Building the world’s most powerful community-powered safety ratings app and safety data company.

Sumedha Khoche & Shireen Sultana

Founders, Kinderpass

A digital child healthcare platform that helps parents track and boost their child's early, critical growth and development.

Nupur Agarwal

Co-founder, KiWi (Kisan Window)

A health & wellness food brand that uniquely delivers health-conscious food based on life stage/ailments.

Marta Vanduzer Snow

Founder, Safalgram

Safalgram builds self-cleaning, evapotranspiration toilets to break the open-defecation cycle for 626 million Indians.

Pushkin, Tessy, VIshal, Kunal

Co-founders, Superlative Gaming

Building the world's largest Real Money Gaming platform designed for recreational players, not just pro players.

Kajal Bhatia

Founder, Plant Power

A 100% plant-based nutrition brand, that's actually tasty.